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Boot & Shoe Dryers

Donít settle for cold boots and gloves in the morning. The Warming Store collection of boot dryers includes dry racks, travel dryers, wall mount dryers, and more. You are sure to find the perfect drying device to keep in your home, office, or car. Our boot and shoe dryers were made by the trusted brands DryGuy, Peet, Cyclone, and MaxxDry.

Whatís worse than putting your feet in cold, wet boots? Sliding on cold, wet gloves right after. Keep your hands and feet warm this winter with a boot and glove dryer rack. This makes it easier to keep your daily winter gear toasty and ready for the next day.

If youíre always on the go, dry out your boots or shoes on the go with the Peet Boot Dryer made for travel. This gadget is small and easy to pack so it wonít take up room in your car.

Browse through The Warming Store selection of boot and shoe dryers to keep your hands and feet warm this winter.